Stationary Crushing Plants


Stationary crushing plants are effective facilities for crushing all kind of stones which are determined as raw material. Generally, these materials which are obtained from stone quarries and which have different hardness levels (such as granite, basalt, limestone, gravel stone and Riverstone) can be transformed for use in different types of Crushing Plants depending on the stone properties and the area to be used. FABO Stationary Crushing Plants with different capacities are ideal for solutions suitable for every project in mines, quarries and construction projects. In Crushing Plants, standardly there are included a crushing machine, a vibrating screen, and special machines for storing and transporting the obtained material. To maximize your profits and improve your business volume, choose FABO Crushing, Screening and Washing Plants where crushing, screening, washing and storage operations are carried out in a single process. FABO manufactures Stationary Crushing Plants with different types of work machines according to customer requirements.
Mobile Crushing Plants are mobile facilities that consist of large and powerful work machines used in stone crushing or grinding large stones into smaller pieces. It combines all the equipment that needs to be found in a crusher facility on a single portable chassis. They are designed to show high efficiency in the mining industry, waste recycling, and construction activities such as road construction. The new generation mobile crushers vary according to the type of the stone to be crushed and desired production capacity. Recent years in consequence of the mobilization of the World, mobile crushers have been chosen more often instead of stationary plants with its easy installation and rapid displacement advantages.
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