Investing in the knowledge and skills of its employees is the best business decision of any successful company. In this way, employees are provided with a motivating work environment and are enabled to grow professionally, while at the same time offering better service to customers. Hidro-rad, in addition to organizing regular trainings on products from its sales range, also organizes additional trainings for the development of new skills and competencies of its employees.

A team of Hidro-rad employees, made up of management, sales representatives and supporting administrative staff, participated in the Communication and Sales Academy of the company Proago d.o.o. with a primary emphasis on acquiring the necessary communication skills to build better relationships with customers.

"Communication is the key to personal and career succes!" Paul J. Meyer

Educational trainer of the company Proago d.o.o.Saša Karlovčan, offered us solutions based on global knowledge, trends and many years of experience, and through numerous exercises, introduced us to various communication tools with which our employees can achieve better sales results.

During the three days of the communication and sales academy , the employees became aware of their social interaction skills (non-verbal communication, active listening, assertive behavior, positive messages) with the aim of improving them and later using them in daily communication with colleagues and customers. Good communication helps in the easier achievement of business excellence of every single employee, manager and even teams, which results in better business performance and greater satisfaction of our customers.

This three-day educational training is only one of the steps in the continuous learning and development of skills of each Hidro-rad employee. Of course, there was also an informal gathering between our employees and the educational trainer in order to get to know each other better in a more relaxed atmosphere and create a firmer foundation for future education.  

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